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Independent Commissioner

Idham Tarmizi, SE – Born in Tembilahan in 1954. Graduated Academy of Accounting Jayabaya-Jakarta in 1978, Diploma III STAN-Palembang in 1986, Bachelor of Economics Univ YAI Persada Indonesia in 2000, he started his career as an Auditor BPKP in 1977, then in 1997 into Sub Division Head PT. Asuransi Jasa Indonesia, in years 2007-2014 as Finance Director of PT. Asoka Mas. Starting on 20 January 2016 he was entrusted with the task of an Independent Commissioner of PT. Asuransi Bhakti Bhayangkara.


Independent Commissioners

DR. Drs. Eddy Rasyidin, MH – Born in London in 1952. Graduated with degree in Accounting from Institute of Finance, Ministry of Finance, State Financial Administration. Graduated with degree in the College of Administrative Sciences, Institute of State Administration RI. Finished S2 Legal Studies at the University of Padjadjaran, finished S3 Bandung and Science law (Tax law concentration) at Padjadjaran University. He began his career as a Junior Auditor Directorate of State Accountant DJPKN Ministry of Finance in 1975 – 1983, became Senior Auditor Oversight Deputy Oil BPKP 1983-1988, became the Examining Division Inspector General of Ministry of Finance Budget 1988-1993, became Assistant Superintendent of Tax Affairs Inspector General of Ministry of Finance 1993-1998, as the Auditor Quality Control Inspector General of Ministry of Finance (Echelon 3) in years 1998-2007, as Senior lecturer of Tax Ministry of Finance (Group IV) from 2007 to 2009, as the Audit Committee of PT. Bio Farma (Persero) in 2008-2011, as Coordinator of expert staff of State Finance Accountability Committee (BAKN) DPR – RI 2010-2014, as a Special Senior Advisor for Finance and Performance BP Batam in 2014 until now, and Since 20 January 2016 entrusted duties as an Independent Commissioner of PT. Asuransi Bhakti Bhayangkara.


Drs. H.A. Fauzi Achmad, MBA, AAIK – was born in Surabaya in 1942. Graduated Bachelor of Business Administration in 1978, graduated Master of Business Administration (MBA) Netherlands in 1993. He started his career in becoming the Directorate Accountant Staff, Ministry of Finance in 1965, became Auditor CPC year 1967-1982, 1985 is believed to be Director of PT. Periscope Insurance, year 1985-1987 became President Director of PT. Yasuda Insurance Indonesia, in 1995 as President Commissioner of PT. Means South Sumatra Ventura, Year 1987-2001 as Director of PT. Asuransi Bhakti Bhayangkara, for 2009-2014 As Members of the House of Representatives Commission XI, Dan Since 2001 entrusted as President Director of PT. Fauzi Inti Corpora and served as Commissioner of PT. Asuransi Bhakti Bhayangkara.

President Commissioner

Drs. E. Winarto H, SH, MSi – was Born in Yogyakarta in 1952. Graduated from AKABRI in 1976, PTIK in 1988, a Bachelor of Law in 1994, from 2010 was took Doctoral Candidate in Political Science at University of Indonesia. He started his career in police in Kores Biak Irian Jaya Police, and became Kapolri KPPP Tanjuk Perak 1993.

In 1995 became Head Police of Kediri, then served as Head Police in Malang, and in 2002 served as Head Police of East Kalimantan. Then mendaji Sahli Chief of Police in 2005 and 2009 as PATI Mabes Polri. Starting on December 17, 2014 he was entrusted became Commissioner of PT. Asuransi Bhakti Bhayangkara.